๐Ÿ“ก A remote debug console for your Unity game

/command is a realtime, remote debug console for Unity games that shows you what players are doing right now. Stream telemetry from every running instance of your game to our servers, where you can watch live, aggregate data and even trigger debug commands in-game.


Finally, pain-free debugging

Debugging is a time-consuming and tedious process for gamedevs, but it doesn't have to be. We're building /command because we're tired of spending hours tracking down bugs. Why waste time with log files and bug reports when you can connect directly to a player's game and see what's wrong firsthand?


/command is for you if you want to spend less time debugging and more time creating.

Debug your game in realtime

/command helps you diagnose and fix bugs in your game remotely, without ever having to collect detailed bug reports.


Eliminate Bug Reports

Find bugs before your players do and spend more time on what's important - building better games.


Quickly Diagnose Bugs Across Platforms

With /command, you only need one tool to debug across every platform or OS version. No more juggling virtual machines or buying debug PCs.


Not just for bugs

/command is great for helping players, but you can use it for local development too. Replace the Unity Debug.Log() and use commands to quickly test and iterate on new game mechanics.

How it works

Get set up fast using our Unity SDK


Install and connect

We'll help you set up the connection between your game and our servers, so we can send live data from your game to us in realtime.

/command works with any Unity game and takes only minutes to set up.


Explore and analyse

From anywhere with an internet connection, you can watch what's happening inside of your game while it's running using our powerful dashboard.


Diagnose and fix

You can see exactly what lead to a bug and trigger debug commands directly from the interface to work around them.


Coming soon...

/command isn't quite ready yet, we'll be looking for testers with in-development Unity games soon. If you're interested please stay in touch.